Today we are going to talk about landscape for your front yard. Specially important for those who live in fire zone. So in this article we have separated in some easy step to make it easy for you to follow.

Property layout

Before anything, you must think about the layout of your garden and the space that you have got. Without planning and thinking strategically it can end up looking messy and not harmonic. This way is possible to achieve multiple outcome and of course thinking about the safety considerations for bushfire zones. You should find out about your local regulations and apply to the property. Check out for some more information. 

where the house can be built the construction level required how to manage the vegetation within the property. 


The best way to reduce bushfire rish is the appropriate location of your home. Things like topography can be used to help minimise bushfire spreading into and within the property. Houses in general should be located close to street and roads. This will help to "stop" any chances of fire spreading to other parts of the land around you. 

So when you are planning, keep on eye of:

What is the bushfire risk from the surrounding area?

Is there existing vegetation within or close to the property that will pose a significant bushfire hazard?

Anywhere that embers can lodge or enter a house can start a fire. There are areas of a house that contribute more to overall bushfire risk than others. These include decks, windows, doors and roof areas. Complex designs that may create nooks and crannies allow dead plant material and embers to drop and accumulate. 

We have spoken with top landscaping Melbourne site and they suggest you to also keep the garden nice and clean out for rubbish and glasses. Anything that could potentially increase the fire in a eventual situation.

If you would like some more information we suggest you to check out landscape design melbourne for additional information and suggestion on how to build the perfect landscape for your front yard. This ready is very important for those people who may have problem thinking about how to design the best but also thinking about the bush fired zone and requirements.

I really hope this short article was useful. Spread the word and share with your family and friends that may need a melbourne landscape. Have a good day everyone.

See you next post.